How Online Ordering Works

All Brock Street Brewing Company Licensees are now required to order from our online ordering portal, payments are made directly at checkout and is accepted by all major credit card companies. 


All licensees are required to have an online account with Brock Street Brewing Company which allows for digital tracking of order history and to have access to ordering on the platform. 

All payments are to be made upfront at the checkout portion of the online portal. 

All keg orders are to be made via the online portal going forward, orders placed outside of the portal will be considered null and voided. 

Keg deposits are added at checkout for the amount of kegs being purchases, upon return, they will be refunded in full value. 


Brock Street offers Guaranteed Next Day Delivery on all beer orders to licensees. Our cut off for Guaranteed Next Day Delivery is 11:59pm on the previous day. Orders placed after this will be processed on the following day.